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TTSE (Tabular Taylor Series Expansion) Method

The TTSE method has ethalpy h and pressure p as the independent variables and is based on a Helmhotz function whose independent variables are temperature T and density ρ. Previously, the method has been demonstrated with pressure and temperature as independent variables for turbine stage-by-stage calculation. It has also been used with the internal energy and density coordinates appropriate to the Denton three-dimensional time-marching method for the turbine flow field. In these applications, the TTSE method achieves both high spped and high accuracy with modest requirements for computer memory.
The information about the guideline of TTSE Method "Guideline on the Tabular Talor Series Expansion (TTSE) Method for Calculation of Thermodynamics Properties of Water and Steam Applied to IAPWS-95 as an Example" and other documents issued by IAPWS can be obtained from IAPWS Website.


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