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Water, Steam, and Aqueous Solutions for Electric Power
– Advances in Science and Technology –

Proceeings of the 14th International Conference on the Properties of Water and Steam
Editors: Masaru Nakahara, Nobuyuki Matubayasi, Masakatsu Ueno, Kenji Yasuoka and Koichi Watanabe


(invited) Adventures in High Temperature Aqueous Solutions: Theory and Experiments
Robert H. Wood
page 1

(invited) Structure, Dynamics, and Reactions in Supercritical Water Studied by NMR and Computer Simulation
Masaru Nakahara
page 12

(invited) Power Generation Technology by 2025 and the Critical Role of Water
Nanno Bolt
page 24

Symposium 1. Calculation of Water and Steam Properties for Industrial Use

(invited) Supplementary Backward Equations for the Industrial Formulation IAPWS-IF97 of Water and Steam for Fast Calculations of Heat Cycles, Boilers, and Steam Turbines
Hans-Joachim Kretzschmar and Katja Knobloch
page 34

Supplementary Backward Equations v(p,T) for the Critical and Supercritical Regions (Region 3) of the Industrial Formulation IAPWS-IF97 for Water and Steam
Katja Knobloch, Ines Stoecker, Hans-Joachim Kretzschmar and Achim Dittmann
page 46

Extrapolation of IAPWS Industrial Formulation IAPWS-IF97 to High Temperature above 800 ‹C
Masanori Yamazaki and Toshie Muto
page 52

Fast and Accurate Calculation of Transport Properties of Water and Steam Using the Tabular Taylor Series Expansion (TTSE) Method (TTSEtrans)
Kiyoshi Miyagawa
page 56

Experiences with the TTSE Method in Power Plant Simulation Tools
Axel Butterlin and Ingo Weber
page 62

Symposium 2. Thermophysical Properties and Phase Equilibria in Aqueous Systems: Experiment and Modelling

(invited) Properties of Water and Aqueous Systems: Metrological Applications
Daniel G. Friend and Allan H. Harvey
page 68

Extension of the Predictive Behaviour of an Electrolyte Equation of State by Incorporating the Temperature Effect on Ionic Solvation
Glen Millot and W. Fürst
page 75

Thermodynamic Model for Associating Electrolytes at High Temperatures and Pressures
Josef Sedlbauer
page 80

The Equations for Thermophysical Properties of Aqueous Solutions of Sodium Hydroxide
Alexey A. Alexandrov
page 86

Phase Behavior of Ternary Hydrothermal Systems | Experiment and Modeling
page 91

Henry's Law Constants of Methane and Acid Gases at Pressures above the Saturation Line of Water
Josef Sedlbauer and Vladimir Majer
page 97

The pVTx Properties of Aqueous Solutions of Ammonia in the Range of Around 50 mol% of Ammonia
Kosei Oguchi and Yoshinobu Ibusuki
page 103

Behavior of Heat Capacity at Constant Volume in Aqueous Solutions of Homologous Alcohol Hiroshi Kitajima, Noboru Kagawa, and Harumi Endo
page 107

A New Project at NMIJ for an Absolute Measurement of the Viscosity by the Falling Ball Method
Yoshitaka Fujita , Naoki Kuramoto, Yasumitsu Kurano, and Kenichi Fujii
page 112

Modeling Viscosity of Aqueous and Mixed-Solvent Electrolyte Solutions
Peiming Wang and Andrzej Anderko
page 116

Electric Conductivities of Alkali Metal Halides in Liquid Methanol along the Liquid|Vapor Coexistence Curve
Taka|aki Hoshina, Noriaki Tsuchihashi, Kazuyasu Ibuki, and Masakatsu Ueno
page 122

Thermal Conductivity of Ordinary Water Substance in the Ideal-Gas Limit
Radim Mares and Petr Konas
page 128

Density Standard at NMIJ and Related Activities in the CCM WG on Density
Kenichi Fujii and Mitsuru Tanaka
page 132

Symposium 3. Structure and Dynamics in Aqueous Systems: Spectroscopy and Molecular Simulation

Molecular Simulation of the Diffusivity of NaOH in Steam
Allan H. Harvey and Raymond D. Mountain
page 140

Dependency of Adsorption and Desorption Probabilities on Two-Dimensional States of Adsorbed monolayer
Yoshimichi Andoh and Kenji Yasuoka
page 144

Dielectric Properties of Lower Alcohols: from Vapor to Glass
Makoto Yao and Yusuke Hiejima
page 148

The Role of Water in N2O Anion Dissociation and Reaction Rates of N2O with Hydrated Electrons in High Temperature Water
Kenji Takahashi, David M. Bartels and Charles D. Jonah
page 154

Molecular Dynamics for Hydrophobic Solutes in Water from Ambient to Supercritical Conditions
Tsutomu Ohmori and Yoshifumi Kimura
page 160

(invited) Water-Carbon Dioxide Mixtures at High Temperatures and Pressures as Studied by Infrared and Raman Spectroscopies
Thierry Tassaing, R. Oparin, Y. Danten and Marcel Besnard
page 166

Near-Infrared Study of Water and Water-Benzene Mixtures at High Temperatures and Pressures
Yusuke Jin and Shun-ichi Ikawa
page 176

Micro Solution-Structure in O2-H2O Mixtures near the Critical Point Studied by Raman Spectroscopic Method
Kazuko Sugimoto, Mitsuo Koshi, and Seiichiro Koda
page 182

Phase Transitions in Confined Water
Kenichiro Koga and Hideki Tanaka
page 188

Multiple Critical Points of Supercooled Water
Ivan Brovchenko, Alfons Geiger, and Alla Oleinikova
page 194

Theoretical Study on the Dynamic Properties of Compressed Water and Water-Hydrophobic Solute Mixtures
Tsuyoshi Yamaguchi, Tatsuro Matsuoka, Shinobu Koda, Song-Ho Chong, and Fumio Hirata
page 200

Infrared Study of Water-NaCl-Hydrocarbon Mixtures at High Temperatures and Pressures
Tomoyuki Ohya, Yusuke Jin, Seiya Furutaka, and Shun-ichi Ikawa
page 204

Evaluation of the Potential Models for Water Molecule Contained in HIV-1 Protease
Takeshi Aramaki, Noriaki Okimoto, Kenji Yasuoka, and Katsuyuki Kawamura
page 208

Large Scale Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Aqueous NaCl Solutions
Takahiro Koishi, Shigeru Tamaki, and Toshikazu Ebisuzaki
page 212

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Decomposition Process for Structure-H Hydrate
Yamato Okano and Kenji Yasuoka
page 216

Symposium 4. Nonequilibrium, Metastable and Critical States

Classical Nucleation Theory | Power Cycle Remarks
Tomáš Nĕmec and František Maršík
page 220

Energy Distribution during Cavitation Bubble Growth and Collapse in Water
Milos Muller, Frantisek Marsik and Walter Garen
page 226

Bubble Creation in Water with Dissolved Gas: Prediction of Regions Endangered by Cavitation Erosion
Patrik Zima, Milan Sedlář and František Maršík
page 232

On the Validity of the Equations of State of Water in the Metastable Region at High Pressures
Felipe Vargas Torres, Vladimir Tchijov, Gloria Cruz León, and Oleg Nagornov
page 236

A Two-Structure Model of Thermodynamic Properties and Surface Tension of Supercooled Water
Jan Hrubý and Vincent Holten
page 241

Symposium 5. Processes and Chemical Reactions in Hydrothermal Systems

Solidification of Blast-Furnace Slag with Wood Waste under Hydrothermal Conditions
Mamoru Nishioka and Nozomi Imura
page 247

Reaction Mechanisms of Hydrothermal Hydrolysis of Organic Halides and Tosylates
Yuki Yamasaki, Heiji Enomoto, Seijiro Matsubara and Koichiro Oshima
page 251

Hydroxyapatite Sheet Prepared by Hydrothermal One-process Method
Giichiro Kawachi, Hirotaka Fujimori, Seishi Goto and Koji Ioku
page 255

Porous Apatite Ceramics Prepared by Hydrothermal Method
Koji Ioku, Giichiro Kawachi, Manami Toda, Shuji Sasaki, Hirotaka Fujimori and Seishi Goto
page 259

Solubility of Nickel Oxide and Hydroxide in Water
Donald A. Palmer, Pascale Bénézeth and David J. Wesolowski
page 264

Ionic Association in CuSO4 Aqueous Solutions up to 473 K
Lucila Méndez De Leo, Hugo Bianchi and Roberto Fernández-Prini
page 270

Studies on Mass-Transformation in Water Vapor near Critical Point
Yongcheng Jin, Inna R. Korablova, Hideyuki Kato and Nakamichi Yamasaki
page 274

Hydrothermal Synthesis of Fine Zinc Oxide Nano-Particles under Supercritical Conditions
Satoshi Ohara, Tahereh Mousavand, Mitsuo Umetsu, Seiichi Takami, and Tadafumi Adschiri
page 280

Metal Oxide Decomposition in Hydrothermal Alkaline Sodium Phosphate Solutions
S. E. Ziemniak
page 284

Hydrothermal Synthesis of KNbO3 powders in Supercritical Water
Bo Li, Yukiya Hakuta, and Hiromichi Hayashi
page 292

Natural and Synthetic Quartz Growth and Dissolution Revealed by Scanning Electron Microscope Cathodoluminescence
Brian Rusk, Mark Reed, David Krinsley, Greg Bignall, and Noriyoshi Tsuchiya
page 296

Crystallization of LaCrO3 Powders and Its Solid Solutions Doped with Sr2+ and Al3+ under Hydrothermal Conditions
J. C. Rendón-Angeles, A. J. de Leon-Medina, L. P. Rivas-Vázquez, J. L. Rodríguez-Galicia, K. J. Zhu, and K.Yanagisawa
page 303

Formation of Organic Compounds by the Hydrothermal Reduction of CO2
Hiro Takahashi, Yuichi Yashiro, Toshinari Kori, Koji Ioku, Greg Bignall and Nakamichi Yamasaki
page 309

Hydrothermal Reactions of Formic Acid: Free-Energy Analysis of Equilibrium
Nobuyuki Matubayasi and Masaru Nakahara
page 313

Supercritical Water Oxidation of Chlorinated Aromatics
Igor M. Svishchev and Andriy Y. Plugatyr
page 319

Formation Mechanism of 2-Furaldehyde from Glucose in Hydrothermal Reaction
Yusuke Takeuchi, Fangming Jin, Atsushi Kishita and Heiji Enomoto
page 324

A Fundamental Research on Dry Steam Extractives of Japanese Cedar
Zhixia Li, Hongfei Lin, Lihui Liu, Koji Ioku and Nakamichi Yamasaki
page 329

Hydrothermal Solidification of Municipal Incineration Bottom Ash
Zhenzi Jing, Norihisa Matsuoka, Fangming Jin, Koichi Suzuki, Toshiyuki Hashida and Nakamichi Yamasaki
page 335

Disassembly of Waste Lignin in Supercritical Water and p-Cresol Mixtures
Kazuhide Okuda, Satoshi Ohara, Mitsuo Umetsu, Seiichi Takami and Tadafumi Adschiri
page 341

Synthesis of Pt/Rh and Pt/Pd Bimetallic Particles under High-Temperatures and High-Pressures and the Analysis of the Structure
Yoshifumi Kimura, Daisuke Abe, Emi Maru, Masaki Ueji and Masafumi Harada
page 345

Effects of Salts on the Decomposition Behavior of Cellulose in Subcritical Water
Kenji Mishima and Kiyoshi Matsuyama
page 350

Preparation of Steelmaking Slag Composites by the Hydrothermal Hot-pressing Method
J. C. Rendón-Angeles, Z. Matamoros-Veloza, L. P. Rivas-Vázquez, J. López-Cuevas, M. Herrera-Trejo and K. Yanagisawa
pgae 354

Densification of Fly Ash under Alkaline Hydrothermal Hot Pressing Conditions
Z. Matamoros-Veloza, J.C. Rendón-Angeles, K. Yanagisawa and M. M. Cisneros-Guerrero
page 360

Reaction of Sulfur with Water under Hydrothermal Conditions
Hongfei Lin, Zhixia Li, Kazuyuki Tohji, Noriyoshi Tsuchiya, and Nakamichi Yamasaki
page 365

Formation of Aluminum Silicate Film on Ni alloy Surface in the System of Granite-Cu under Low Pressure-Hydrothermal Conditions
Hideyuki Kato,Yongcheng Jin, Inna Korablova, Lihui Liu, Koji Ioku, Atsushi Minagawa, Greg Bignall, Noriyoshi Tsuchiya and Nakamichi Yamasaki
page 369

Hydrothermal Synthesis of Hydroxyapatite | Polymer Composite Materials
Yoshiyuki Yokogawa and Fukue Nagata
page 373

Thermodynamic Data for Modelling Sequestration of Acid Gases in Geological Brines
Diana Koschel, Jean-Yves Coxam, and Vladimir Majer
page 377

Palladium Catalyzed H-D Exchange Reaction Under Hydrothermal Condition
Seijiro Matsubara
page 383

Attempt of Arsenic Removal in Wasted Water by Inorganic Materials
S.Nishida, S.Takesoe, Y.Yamasaki, and A.Nakahira
page 387

Characterization of Some Properties of TiO2 on Ti Surface by Anodization in Acid Solution
K. Konishi, T. Kubo, and A. Nakahira

Symposium 6. Fuel Cells and Electrochemistry in Aqueous Systems

(invited) Degradation Mechanism of Polymer Electrolyte Fuel Cells
Minoru Inaba
page 395

Measurement of Electro-osmotic Drag Coefficient of Nafion Using a Concentration Cell
Ryosuke Jinnouchi, Haruhiko Yamada and Yu Morimoto
page 403

Visualization and Quantification of the Water Distribution Inside an Operating Fuel Cell by Neutron Radiography
J.Zhang, R. Shimoi, K. Shinohara D. Kramer, E. Lehmann and G. G. Scherer
page 407

Multiscale Simulation of a Polyelectrolyte Membrane for Fuel Cells Satoru Yamamoto, Ryosuke Jinnouchi, Shunsuke Yamakawa and Shi-aki Hyodo
page 411

Molecular-Dynamics Studies on the Structures of Polymer Electrolyte Membranes and the Diffusion Mechanism of Protons and Small Molecules
Tomonori Kawakami and Isamu Shigemoto
page 415

Proton and Methanol Transport in Polymer Electrolytes of Direct Methanol Fuel Cells
Horacio R Corti
page 421

Symposium 7. Apparatus, Materials and Monitoring Instrumentation for Applications at High Temperatures and Pressures

Apparatus for Dielectric Relaxation Measurements under High Pressure and Temperature
Yusuke Hiejima and Makoto Yao
page 424

Rolling-Ball Viscometer for Studying Water and Aqueous Solutions under High Pressure
Seiji Sawamura and Takashi Yamashita
page 429

New Apparatus for Measurements of Isobaric Heat Capacity for Aqueous Fluids at High Temperatures and Pressures
Katsuyuki Tanaka and Masahiko Uematsu
page 435

Continuous-Flow Reactor for Kinetic Analysis of Rapid Hydrothermal Reactions by Raman Spectroscopy
Yoshihiro Takebayashi, Satoshi Yoda, Tsutomu Sugeta and Katsuto Otake
page 440

Development and Application of the Multipurpose Optical Flow Cell under Supercritical Condition of Water
Tomotsumi Fujisawa, Emi Maru, Fujitsugu Amita, Masafumi Harada, Tomoya Uruga and Yoshifumi Kimura
page 445

Construction of High-Pressure Apparatuses with High-Impact Engineering Plastics for Supercritical Fluid Solutions
Mitsuhiro Kanakubo, Tatsuya Umecky, Takafumi Aizawa, Yutaka Ikushima, and Yasuo Kameda
page 451

Corrosion|Potential Fluctuation and Polarization Resistance Method for Corrosion Monitoring in Subcritical and Supercritical Water Environments
Takeyuki Mizuno, H.Inoue, and Y.Maeda
page 455

Symposium 8. Power Cycle Chemistry in Conventional, Advanced and Combined Cycles

Evaluation of Oxygenated Water Treatment
Mitsuhiro Yamagishi and Masamichi Miyajima
page 461

Some Experience and Data from 18 Danish CHP Plants
Svend-Erik Therkildsen
page 467

Chemical Cleaning of Fossil Power Station Steam Generators; Past, Present, and Future
Kevin J. Shields
page 475

Experience from Chemical Cleaning of a 23 Years Old Intermediate Pressure Superheater in Unit 5 at Asnaes Power Station (ASV5)
Svend-Erik Therkildsen
page 484

Solubility of Copper Oxides in Water and Steam
Donald A. Palmer and Pascale Bénézeth
page 491

Alleviation of Copper Problems in Fossil
Barry Dooley and Kevin Shields
page 497

Water Treatment Trouble and Its Countermeasure in Combined Cycle Heat Recovery Steam Generator
Kazuo Nakatsu and Tetsuo Yamamoto
page 507

Symposium 9. Power Cycle Chemistry in Nuclear Cycles

(invited) Power Cycle Chemistry in Nuclear Cycles: Technology Development and Importance of Fundamental Data
Kenkichi Ishigure
page 512

Aspects on Chemistry in French Nuclear Power Plants
Francis J Nordmann
page 521

Water Chemistry Measures to Improve Steam Generator Performance
S. Odar
page 531

Primary Coolant Technology and Experience in VVER units
Milan Zmítko
page 539

Research Program on Water Chemistry of Supercritical Pressure Water under Radiation Field
Yosuke Katsumura, Kiyoshi Kiuchi, Masafumi Domae, Hidetoshi Karasawa, Norihisa Saito and Tadasu Yotsuyanagi
page 545

Water Chemistry Data Acquisition, Processing, Evaluation and Diagnosis Systems for Nuclear Power Reactors
Shunsuke Uchida, Kenkichi Ishigure, Hiroshi Takamatsu, Hideki Takiguchi, Motoyasu Nakagami and Makoto Matsui
page 551

BWR Water Chemistry Evaluation and Diagnosis System For Supporting Plant Operation
Naoshi Usui, Nobuyuki Ota, and Motomasa Fuse
page 557

In-Situ Measurement of Oxide Film Behavior on Stainless Steel in High Temperature High Pressure Water
Tomonori Satoh, Shunsuke Uchida, Yoshiyuki Satoh, Koichi Iinuma, and Yoichi Wada
page 561

Study on Application of Oxygenated Water Chemistry For Suppression of Flow Assisted Corrosion in Secondary System of PWRs
Hideki Takiguchi, Eiichi Kadoi, and Mats Ullberg
page 567

Oxygen Injection into Reheating Steam of Moisture Separator Reheaters
Wilfried Ruehle, Harry Neder, Guenter Holz, and Volker Schneider
page 573

Thermodynamic Evaluation of Nickel Solubility Depending on Redox Environment during Shutdown in PWR Primary Systems
Kazutoshi Fujiwara and Masafumi Domae
page 581

Symposium10. Water Purification and Other Auxiliary Systems

Polyaspartate, a New Alternative for the Conditioning of Cooling Water
Emmanuel Girasa and Marc De Wispelaere
page 587

Symposium 11. Steam Chemistry, Condensation and Deposition Processes

(invited) Investigations into the Composition of the Water Phase in Steam Turbines
Robert Svoboda and Maurice Bodmer
page 594

Early Condensate in a Fossil Power Plant using Organic Treatment
M. De Wispelaere
page 602

Electrostatic Charge of Fine and Coarse Droplets in LP Steam Turbines
V. Petr and M. Kolovratník
page 606

(invited) Chemistry in the Moisture Transition Region of the Steam Turbine
James C. Bellows
page 612

Solubility of Sodium Sulphate in the Vicinity of the Critical Point
Karol Daucik and Jørgen Peter Jensen
page 618

Deterministic Prediction of Corrosion Damage in Low Pressure Steam Turbines
George Engelhardt, Digby D. Macdonald, Yancheng Zhang, and Barry Dooley
page 622

Numerical Simulation of the Steam Flow with Condensation in Nozzle
Miroslav F Stastny and Miroslav Sejna
page 637

Effect of Acetic Acid on Mass Transfer of Copper Corrosion Products in Fossil Power Plant Cycle
Tamara I Petrova and Anna V. Furunzhieva
page 643

Symposium 12. High Efficiency Power Cycles and New Technologies

(invited) Development of Higher-Order Accurate Computational Fluid Dynamic Method for Steam Flow Analysis in Steam Turbines
Xin Yuan, Zhirong Lin, and Tadashi Tanuma
page 649

The Computational Technique for Compressible Fluid Based on Steam Properties and Performance Improvements on Steam Turbines
Shigeki Senoo, Fumio Takahashi, Yoshio Shikano, and Tetsuaki Kimura
page 655


Symposium 13. Application of Water and Aqueous Systems near the Freezing Temperature

(invited) Substitutes for Antifreeze Proteins: Potential Applications in Ice Slurry Systems
Takaaki Inada
page 660

Measurement of Thermal Conductivity of Ice Slurry for Ice Storage by Transient Hot Wire Method
Koji Matsumoto, Keisuke Obara, Masashi Okada, Tetsuo Kawagoe, Chaedong Kang
page 670

A Study on the Supercooling Release of an Encapsulated Ice Thermal Storage System
Yooko Tsuchiya, Hiromi Hasegawa, and Kazuhiro Sasaki
page 676

Diffusion of solutes in Supercooled Sugar Aqueous Solutions
Horacio R Corti
page 680

Measurement of Latent Heat of Melting of Thermal Storage Materials for Dynamic Ice Thermal Storage
Yoshikazu Teraoka, Masashi Okada, Hisashi Sawada, and Shinji Nakagawa
page 685

Research on Solidification of Water on Surface
Astuko Okuda, Takeshi Nagasawa, Seiji Okawa, and Akio Saito
page 690

Study on Crystal Growth of Ethanol-water Solution and Thermal Properties at Low Temperature
Hidetoshi Ohkubo
page 696

Adhesive Shear Stress between Mushy Ice and a Copper Surface
Masaaki Ishikawa, Takeshi Aoyama, and Tetsuo Hirata
page 702

Symposium 14. Geothermal and Renewable Energy

Simulation of Transport Phenomena in Fractured Rocks with Application to Hot-Dry-Rock Geothermal Systems
Sergei Fomin, Zhenzi Jing and Toshiyuki Hashida
page 707

Mathematical Model of the Laboratory Experiment that Simulates the Hydraulic Fracturing of Rocks under Supercritical Water Conditions
Sergei Fomin, Shin-ichi Takizawa and Toshiyuki Hashida
page 713

Corrosion Behavior of Steam Turbine Materials for Geothermal Power Plants
Hiroshi Takaku, Li-Bin Niu, Hiromasa Kawanishi, Naoki Takamura, Kensuke Monma, Yoshihiro Sakai, Mitsuo Yamashita and Kunio Shiokawa
page 718

A New Hydrothermal Process For Improving Acetic Acid Yield From Cellulosic Biomass
Yan Xiu Yi
page 724

Symposium 15. CRIEPI Symposium: Environmental Issues on Power Generation

(invited) Nuclear Power and the Kyoto Mechanism
Ichiro Ikemoto
page 729

Re-Powering of Thermal Power Plant with Low NOx Emissions, Heavy-Duty Type Gas Turbines
Toshifumi Sasao
page 735

A Total System Optimization Study of Waste Pyrolysis and Gasification Process for Electric Power Generation
Satoshi Atoji, Naoto Asami, and Kiichiro Ogawa, Mizuhiko Tanaka, and Masaki Tajima
page 741

A Comparative Study of the Distributed Co-generation System and the Centralized Grid with Heat Pump System Using gEnergy Chainh Concept
Katsumi Hashimoto, Michiyuki Saikawa, and Teruhide Hamamatsu
page 745

Symposium 16. General

A Comprehensive Gibbs Thermodynamic Potential of Ice
Rainer Feistel and Wolfgang Wagner
page 751

75 Years of International Cooperation in Research and Standardization of Thermophysical Properties of Water and Steam
Oldřich Šifner
page 757

Effects of Nozzle Amplitude on Production of Uniformly Sized Liquid Droplets
Teruhiko Yoshida
page 765

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